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"...but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Joshua 24:15

Serving the White Mountains and beyond.

*Products and services subject to change with or without notice. Prices may vary depending on the scope, technologies, and time frame given for each project.  Website Design does not include site maintenance.  For site maintenance packages available, please contact me for more information. **Logo design begins with up to 5 edits on original proof.  Prices go up depending on the final amount of changes.

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Logo Design**

Small/Basic:  $80.00

Large/Detailed:  $100.00

Brochure Design

Starts at:  $100.00

Business Card Design

Single-Sided:  $30.00

Double-Sided:  $50.00

Letterhead Design

Starts at:  $25.00

Postcard Design (4”x6”)

Single-Sided:  $50.00

Double-Sided:  $75.00

Flyer Design

Single-Sided:  $60.00

Double-Sided:  $80.00

Newsletter Design

Starts at:  $75.00

Android/Web App Design

Starts at: $75.00

PowerPoint Design

Starts at:  $30.00

Photo Slideshow

Starts at:  $40.00

Promotional Designs

(Coupons, Ads, Etc.)

Starts at: $40.00

Photo Enhancement

Starts at:  $30.00

Photo Restoration

Minor*:  $40.00

Moderate**:  $70.00

Major***:  $100.00

Extreme****:  $140.00

Price List:

(Average Prices Shown – Prices May Vary)